October 30, 2009

To Beauty I met today. Thank you.

I met a wonderful person today. A sweet wonderful girl started to talk to us as we were leaving the Lucky Duck takeaway, and what started just as a question, then evolved into a conversation, and word for word we were talking about the raw food and life.

My dear friend, if you are reading this, I want to tell you THANK YOU. From my heart. I needed to feel your spirit and the love that you radiate. You have no idea, but today YOU were my Saviour. The words you said and comments you made lead me to think and look at my wonderful , and... not easy life from a "wonderful" only angle. I , again, was reminded of the beauty of Creation and the biggest blessings and Divine Love , present in my life every minute, the ones that ARE the PURPOSE of MY life. Thank you. You, probably, have no idea what you've done for me today. You were just self - a beautiful, kind, loving spirit. Thank you. My love will always go your way. In any way there is to help you, please, email.

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