May 21, 2012

Need some shopping therapy?! Let's GO!

SHOPBOP is having their biggest sale of the year! In case you need to go shopping, go HERE and use the code BIGEVENT.
 Hurry up, it's only 3 days. 

I am loving their "casual friday" from workwear boutique. 
This look is my favorite. 

 Isn't it just super perfect for a Friday?! Chic, summery and well-put casual! I love it.

You are welcome. 

Know any other sales? Leave me a comment! Let's party together!
ps: make sure to scroll down for a regular post today.



  1. Replies
    1. you should! 20% off entire site, sale/clearance included!

  2. Yes, obviously I want to Need some shopping therapy and this Friday I decide to go for a shopping from there.

    boys shoes

  3. Очень красивый образ - хочу такую рубашку...

  4. Да, пиджак великолепный!!!
    Спасибо, Оля!


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