May 31, 2012


Do you remember this post about trends the other day? Well, guess what?! Marc Jacobs is on SALE at! It's by invitation only, so here is one for you ( you're welcome!). I ABSOLUTELY adore the seagull tee and this yellow/blue sweater ( and combo with blue shoes?! genius).

One thing about gilt that I wish I knew when I first was introduced to it, is simply this - if the item is sold out, you STILL can get it! MAKE SURE TO ADD the right size to the wait list and check in regularly on your account ( though you will get an email notification when the item comes in stock). I got 95% of what was sold out of the moment and what I really wanted. I only wish I knew about it much earlier. 

Well, enough talk. Run-don't-walk so you don't have to wait-list anything! XO 

Any sales I should know about? Please, share!


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  1. О, мне очень нравятся штанишки на последней модели! Классные! И туфли-цвет просто великолепный!!!


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