May 21, 2013

Insta-bits of little life

^^ why not play while at ikea? "tika-tika-tika" is the newest entertainment. and those little fingers are vicious! ^^

^^ i was of the opinion that she needed a nap. she, on the other hand, obviously, disagreed...^^ 

^^ ... but i can't complain, because THIS happens regularly at about 5 after i put her in to go out. it's her ultimate favorite napping place ^^

^^ because, you know, you need ALL your energy to complain when you are not allowed to have the rainbow's worth of candy every day ^^

^^ the level of how busy the day was can be safely judged by the state of pigtails - the busier is my day, the less chance there is they will "make it" til the end ( what is it with babies and pulling everything off?! any tips? ) ^^

^^ set and ready 1/2 before us for blessed Pascha on an Orthodox Easter morning. this celebration always fills my heart with light and brings the warmest memories. i hope they are creating theirs too ^^

^^ rule of thumb for a "stroller dweller" : when YOU get out, your bunny (kitty/doggy) friend MUST get in. no go without it ^^

^^ the tulip festival was breathtaking this year ( and that's the only picture we were allowed to take) i only with there was an app to attach an amazing aroma to this picture ^^

^^ from manageable to nothing closes in one week - check #bumpupdate ^^

^^ being little is tiring ^^

It's been a little while since the last instagram update. Here is a little highlight of some of my favorites, I hope you enjoy them too! 

Have a fab Tuesday!


  1. Oh these pictures are so adorable- you have such beautiful children :) xx

  2. Love love love these photos! So much action and fun. And that breakfast looks like a feast. Yum!

    1. it seriously was a feast. Lent is no joke - 40 days with rather strict limitations, but the reward is A-MAZING :) I am dying over your foodie adventures. I wish I were in Sacramento...

  3. Ha! I love the destroyed pigtails! Sometimes I feel that way at the end of the day. :) Reminds me of Eloise - do you have that book?

    1. The moment I turn away, her pigtails are GONE. It seriously is her favorite thing to do. when I am not looking. And you should see the GRIN on her face and triumphant little soft "dah!" *done. I am learning that having a stash in my bag is a"must" nowadays.

  4. Aw your family is adorable!

    Brooke du jour


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