March 02, 2010

Cookie & Cake, or don't bite my apple.

I hate Snuffles. No. Let me re-phrase. I despise Snuffles. I did not know I was capable of that. I mean - love is love , right? Right. And hate is hate. That is right on too.

All I asked for was to let me eat my apple. Not a cake. Not a cookie. An apple. Snuffles HATES apples. Snuffles doesn't come close to apples. Snuffles gets allergies when the word "apple" is said. Yet, Snuffles took away MY apple.

At first - bite by bite. Just as a little nibble at first. Then a small bite here and there. Good people share, right? I am a good person. So I shared. Up to the point where I realized that Snuffles is chewing away faster then I can blink. So I pointed out to Snuffles that this is MY apple. There are plenty out there that are still un-hosted. ( And un-bitten). And after all, Snuffles supposedly doesn't even like apples.

That is when Snuffles knocked MY apple out of my hand, tried to bite my hand, and went on for the flying apple.

Didn't get the apple. Although got a huge chunk of it. Bigger then I would ever share. So I mourned over my apple. All day.

And then made cookies. The kind Snuffles likes the most. Let the aroma out. But didn't even THINK of sharing the cookie. Torture is good when it is slow.

Snuffles nearly drowned in drool. Begged for "forgiveness" ( yeah, right. it was MY apple). Good reaction. Nearly drowned. Just from ONE cookie.

I'll make a cake tomorrow.

How would YOU react to someone eating YOUR apple?


  1. I would let them! Unless it was apples with brie. Then I would be mad. I hope for pictures of the cake!

  2. Unless, of course, the apple was not really an apple, and cakes and cookies are all hypothetically speaking... Have you seen the "one fine day?" :)
    But there WILL be picture of a cake indeed. Kids have been asking. I have been thinking. Besides, hypothetically or not - it's about time to show the teeth , right?! LOL


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