March 01, 2010

Love or Hate?

So, this new "volcano" almost-eruption . Necklush. Featured all over ( including my blog now too). Do you love it? Hate it? Or neither. I am having the "neither" on the "hate it" side. I think it is fabulous idea for a man, but for a lady... I don't know about you, but in MY opinion, we deserve something WAY more beautiful and artfully created. If I want something to look like a scarf, I will do just that - wear a scarf. Beautiful, delicate, the way I'd want it to, complementing to the outfit, of course. But for a necklace... the "one-fits-all purposes" type does not cut it for me. I want just the ONE purpose serving. Gorgeous. Detailed. Craftsmanship to a T. Simon G or Hidalgo style per say.

After all , I AM a ONE purpose person : A WOMAN. Complex, but ONE. And beautiful. Any woman deserves more then just a pile of threads on the neck, don't you think?

And for the simple, yet... GORGEOUS.

So, which one would YOU rather love?


  1. I would absolutely love those necklaces instead. I love all of them! You have such a good eye.

  2. I would think that it would just look like a pile of stuff on your neck. May even make you look bigger/fatter then you are in the face or even your entire look.
    Sure maybe if you wore it naked like the pictures it MIGHT be okay, but really, who is going to wear it naked in public? eww.

    For me, hate it, on other people, what ever floats your boat.

  3. I think wearing it like a scarf is kind of cool, but I agree that as a necklace, subtle is a better.

  4. Love :)


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