March 16, 2010

The best of the diet world

After searching and searching for the best, most complete, nutritious diet, I have finally come to understanding one. My research for the last 4 years was focused on a completely wrong area. The truth, as usual, is simple. We talk a lot about what we think about when we eat, what we actually eat, the quality, the quantity, etc. All the complex diet world. Do you ever think about what you eat? And if so - how much? And what do you do to help YOURSELF? Or would you rather have someone help you? A professional , perhaps? The person that knows 'how-to' . But no matter who you pick, and what you do, there is always those "little things" , like ... chips, or crackers, or candy, or - whatever it is that your weak spot is. And no matter how much you do and pay, you STILL have those to deal with. Which, sometimes, are WORSE then the whole "healthy lifestyle/diet" thing. The solution? Simplicity of one is astounding.

When you reach for a treat , accompanied by "nyama-nyam!" ( with impeccable hearing, may I add) , it is very unlikely, that whatever it is that you were hoping to treat yourself with , will make it into your mouth. However, it is very likely, that whoever announced the "nyama-nyam!" will not only make sure you don't have anything you will regret about later, but also burn some more extra calories by running after whatever the "nyama-nyam" stole off your table that is now being spit all over your one-of-a-kind gorgeous vintage rug.

PS : if you haven't left your comment about the art piece , make sure to check the post below. It IS a very contradicting piece, but it is very well worth your time.


  1. I have an very unhealthy relationship with food that began when I was very little. While I consider myself an intelligent person, I cannot fix the disconnect between my belly and my brain. I cannot control my bad habits on my own. I need a support system. And.....I really need to learn to like more vegetables.

  2. This is Michael Pollan's diet suggestion: "Eat food. Not too much, mostly plants."


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