January 10, 2012

A girl can dream...

It was so nice and warm lately that this - although beautiful, but nonetheless wintery - weather is somewhat sending me to a longing for spring flowers and... a bike.

I've been dying for a nice bike ride for a while - all the NYC/DC/European adventures somewhat refined my taste and desires. On my wish list I have :

and this beauty:

and personal favorite:

Can't you just feel the fresh air, warm breeze and light kisses from the sun? I love the lady style cycles for ease of access and , of course, fashion allowance.  Can't wait for spring!

What's your choice of a cycle? Any preferences? 

ps click on a picture to be taken to the site


  1. My bike is almost the exact kind as the last one. I love it! It has multiple speeds but has a cruiser feel.

  2. Is yours a linus too? Do you love it? I'm looking for one - sent my husband a wish list. some prices are "bite-y", but then... if the quality is worth it, then it's an investment, right? And I LOVE talking to you! I've literally been SO.BUSY. that I don't know that happened to the last year... having a new baby probably had something to do with it, but nonetheless ... I feel I'm getting on top of the wave nowdays :) Have GREAT plans for blog this year too! :)


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