January 13, 2012

Old New Year

Did you know that today is the New Year's Eve on Julian Calendar? The difference in the calendar is 14 days, so Christmas does not come until Jan 7th, our New Year on Julian calendar falls on Jan 14th.  So, here is what I have planned for the party tonight!


As the year is Dragon, it's going to be spicy ( fire, you know) , diverse ( mystical creature), and with lot's of sea food ( it's the Water Dragon this year). I am thinking something on these notes :

Avocado/lentil salad with jalapenos:

Ginger shrimp on grill:

Almond paprika cheese staffed peppers:

Salmon lime ginger gazpacho:

Parmesan garlic cauliflower cream "potatoes":

Coconut cranberry mousse with a touch of rosemary :

Hot white chocolate with a dash of cayenne:

I adopt my recipes to be as unprocessed as possible, most of them coming out to be fresh/raw made. This is what makes me feel best. But more important then anything are the wholesome and fresh ingredients.

I am wearing :

Glitter, colors and unusual shape combinations is the key to win a favor from the Water Dragon. Sounds like a fun outlook for me!

We are listening to this ( among others)


on THIS!

A touch of Old to a start of a New, I say. Now tell me you are not jealous and do not wish to be with us tonight to party? We've got some lucky kids, if you ask me!

What are YOU doing this weekend?!

PS if you don't like what I have to offer for a party, my friend Tiffany from Dancing Branflakes does the party series every Friday, I am SURE you'll find something you love there! 

attributions: food, clothes and music

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  1. Oh, Olya! Thank you so much for the mention! Your celebration looks so fun and wonderful.


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