January 26, 2012


Sometimes it is just nice to put some nice music on, forget about "supposed to"s and enjoy the day just as it is.

Life has been so busy lately that I often felt like I am in the old fashion movie , right there at the end, watching the credits and frames just fly by my eyes. I see everything, but it's gone and replaced by something else - even if just as wonderful or better - before I am ready to move on. I love it. And wouldn't have it any other way.  But yesterday I felt I needed some "me" time . Not "me" as in myself alone. "Me" as in me enjoying the moment the way I felt I wanted, my way.

So, I turned some nice music on, and went outside. It was cold, wet, and almost dreary. I turned off my tweets, instagram, put the phone on the airplane mode , and put the little ones in my Stokke.  I picked up older kids from school and then we just walked.  Not particularly anywhere, not particularly with a time limit or a destination deadline. We walked slowly on the gorgeous path that is near by their school. It snowed. Big. Wet. And unexpected. I watched kids play, make snowmen and eat it too. And it was so much fun to forget about everything and just have fun.

Today my life is back to my wonderful extra busy, and I wouldn't trade it for anything, but yesterday, those few hours were very special.

Do you have a favorite "recharge" route? How do you unwind?

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