January 21, 2012


it SNOWED!!! I am SO HAPPY! I love dry and warm climate, but a little bit of a snow makes it just so much more fun. After all , what winter is a winter without a little bit of white fluffy things, wet puddles , cold noses and hot chocolate/coffee( or coffee with coco & cinnamon! a-mazing!) I couldn't help but twirl and kick...

Just so that I could get a blurry pic. Why not, right?

I love the magical night!

 And here is a little Les Femme Moda :

 coat and bag: anthropologie. jeans : ruca. scarf: rosebush theology 

If there is a staple in my wardrobe, it HAS to be jeans... I love the pair above - it has a very vintage wash and flower print is simply beautiful.  It reminds me of the hand-me-down pair that I had back at the very end of 80s-early90s ( eek! I can't believe how long ago that was! Seems like yesterday!) that was actually bought by the dancers from our touring company in US! What are the chances, right?

I have all sorts and kinds of the , from stripes and plaid to plain color or classic denim. As much as I LOVE skirts and dresses, I have adjust to the reality 90% of the time I am either running back from rehearsal or teaching, so a pair of skinnies is what I live in. And for the remaining 10%  I was either pregnant or nursing, and neither one of those  situations made me look nice in a dress... My requirements are simple yet undeviating : great fit, ultimate comfort, and - of course - STYLE. I think I've done quite well over the years in finding and collecting both. So, hang around if you want to find out what's worth your money and what is best left in the store. You'll be surprised, I promise.

What's your wardrobe staple? Any jean-o-holics here? Or other things-o-holics?

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