February 13, 2013

Life according to INSTAGRAM

^^ 1. what's for dinner? because you have to have some at ikea. ^^
^^2. you also have to get a ride to check out. a must. ^^
^^3. hands on learning at barnes&noble. ^^
^^4. and what ikea trip is there without a play station stop? ^^
^^ 5. a little baby bump at happy 19 something weeks made beautiful by hatch clothing ^^
^^ 6. a very happy mail surprise from jcrew. (and just what i needed too!) ^^

^^ some kisses and a very important conversation about baby boy or baby girl in mommy's belly^^

and guess what. we may or may not have accidentally found out who we are having!
stay tuned! we'll share sometime this week! 

have a great wednesday!


  1. Aww your kids are adorable! And you look lovely, pregnancy clearly suits you! x

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