February 10, 2013


let's talk about double strollers for a second. 

if you have children that are close in age ( like i do ) , you may have run into the same problem as i did: with the multitude of the strollers on the market , there was NO good stroller for two little kids. 
it's no secret that we have gone through  - i-don't-even-know-how-many ( THAT many) strollers trying to find the one that would perform well. we've searched high and low, and if you can think of a brand/type of a stroller, we most likely have had it. 
some of the problems we encountered : maneuverability  ( the lack of one. mini baby buss anyone?) , poor positioning of the child/children, no variability in the seating positions ( most of the strollers face out. read here  and here why it is important for a child to face a parent, and here is a proof of the article in life), lack of durability, discomfort for a child, lack of shopping basket space, discomfort for a parent ( like bruised shins or aching back from constant bending forward ) and plain HEAVY among many others, smaller issues. 

we were absolutely delighted when Stokke announced their new connection system strollers.
we were very fortunate to experience Crusi first hand so soon. and just like with Xplory, Stokke's creations never disappoint. although may appear similar to some other models on the market, there are NO comparables to Crusi in US. 

Stokke Crusi Platinum Points: 

*convertibility and connection
this stroller is a dream for parents of close in age children. 
 Crusi is equipped with a state of the art bassinet. it is soft, comfortable, large and deep enough for the baby to sleep safely and securely AND it has carrying handles, so you can move the little sleeping one without disturbing. i love that. 
the xplory/crusi seat takes over when you don't want to use the bassinet ( although it can be used from birth). your shopping/storage space is ginormous in a single mode - i mean , largest i've ever seen without appearing to be such. Stokke strollers are very deceiving in a very good way. 
for two little ones, you have a sibling seat ( a seat that is used in Stokke Scoot), which can be easily put in and removed in seconds, allowing you to be the judge of what stroller mode you want to use. 
example - you drop off your older child at preschool, leave the seat there, and use the stroller in a single mode. then simply click the seat in when you pick up your little one for a comfortable ride.
it is designed to fit with both - bassinet and regular upper seat. 

this stroller moves at my will with a push of one finger, literally. with two children ( and basket) loaded. i can also easily go up/down a step/curb without having to put all my weight and more on while trying to lift the front wheels. this feature is made possible due to a very unique seat positioning which allows for a proper weight distribution. in other words, even with a 4 year old in the BOTTOM seat ( which should translate into very heavy), the stroller rides as if you simply have some things in your shopping basket - very easy. 

^^ look at that little grumpy face. this was the first day we were using our crusi complete with a sibling seat, and she was very disappointed that she was over the age of sitting in it. ( she'll be 7 in a month. though petite as she is, she'd easily fit there still ) ^^

*seat comfort 
Crusi seats are rather deep and very comfortably shaped, which not only ensures a comfortable ride, but allows a bigger child ( like a 4 year old ) to STILL benefit from the ability to rest when necessary with all the luxury bells and whistles. the comfort of the Stokke Xplory seat was something that originally was attractive to me, and all my babies proved that point best : they fall asleep within minutes of being strapped into the stroller. as a parent, it is so relieving to know that your baby is happy and comfortable when you are out and about, just as much as he or she would be in her own little bed. 

*small footprint and all terrain tires
ah... the every city dwelling parent headache: how to fit the stroller in those narrow isles and take up LESS space in your apartment. i LOVE Crusi for this. i never have to worry whether or not it will fit through a non-standard narrow doorway, or will be able to turn in a tight corner. that is a big one.
tires deserve their own paragraph. 
after having dealt with multiple AIR filled tires (the point of which i never understood in a double stroller particularly : 1/2 a lb of weight would not  make that much of a difference. but a flat tire 40 minutes away from home surely does) . i love that Crusi tires are solid, yet soft enough to allow for a smooth ride. which brings me to my next point:

i am very impressed with Crusi's performance on different surfaces. in the last week and a half, i took Crusi on every route i could possibly think and tested the "smoothness" of the ride. i was pleasantly surprised when it sailed effortlessly over some of the tighter spots that previously required some extra care on my part. we also tested different depth and types of the snow - like that slushy, hard wet one (thanks , mega winter) and off road terrain  - Crusi passed with flying colors. two of my sleeping babies did not budge for one second. based on my experience last week i think i can safely predict that it would ride wonderfully in the sand as well.

*shopping/storage basket
another big and important one. the pictures look deceiving, but in reality, Crusi allows for a very good storage space underneath the sibling seat. i fit all my daily needs easily ( and there are more then just a few) and i still have good space enough for some grocery ( or other ) shopping. the bottom of a sibling seat folds up and allows easier access to a larger space ( which i love) , and then, of course, do not forget the Stokke changing bag that can attach right to the stroller, which adds a lot more extra storage ( we didn't have the need to use it yet. that may change when we have a newborn. you know , all the 15 changes of clothes and 20 diapers you'll need for an hour of outing ) 

*comfort for BOTH children. 
i am very impressed as to how well thought out the design of this ( or any stokke product) stroller is. 
i mentioned the comfort of the seats, but there are a couple of more points that i want to touch on in regards to Stokke stroller designs. 
as i mentioned above, Stokke strollers are deceiving in a good way. since the announcement of the new designs, the opinions split with some people taking a rather negative approach to Crusi's double 
seat option. i am 100% convinced that those people have neither seen the stroller close in person, nor have tested it with children in it, and most likely are confusing this model with a twin stroller, which this model is not designed to be.
*size of the seat .
the top bottom seat - being a seat from a FULL size stroller - is very spacious and deep. one does not see much of it because of the position it takes while being covered by very large - yet not appearing so - storage basket. unlike other sibling seats, this is a FULL size seat designed to accommodate a typical ( and in my opinion, rather large - since mine is 4 and still has space to grow in the seat) size child. 
i have experienced several sibling seat option strollers, and i can tell with 200% assurance that Stokke's creation is revolutionary to that market. pictures do NOT show well, but i was pleasantly surprised to see how MUCH space between the seats there was comparing to any other double stroller. as a parent, minutes after putting the Crusi together, i stuck my own head in the place where my child would be and was again impressed with the wide range of visibility. one may assume from the pictures that the child is simply staring into the front seat, but believe me, it is FAR from the truth.
We have later found out that Stokke design team has addressed that concern in particular by designing not only the stroller base, but re-designing the seats to ensure bottom child's comfort from all angles. 
*another point i want to touch on is safety of the bottom seat child. 
first -  position. due to its design, Stokke strollers are HIGHER then any other stroller on the market, which, proportionally places the bottom seat higher then other similar models do. that takes care of the concern of the child being very close to the ground. in reality, the bottom seat's height position is not much different from the one of the typical umbrella stroller. don't trust the optical deception from just looking at a picture,  
"higher is better" Stokke's motto STILL applies

second - safety. while i had many safety concerns while using similar models ( a toddler sticking fingers into the wheel was one of them), Stokke has taken care of everything possible and impossible one can think about. there is not a single crook, hole or anything else where a curious finger can go. the higher position of the seat ( as mentioned above) ensures that the child cannot reach for immediate wheels, and just in case he/she decides to lean over, there are wheel guards that protect just those little fingers. all i can say is - well done, Stokke. but i am not surprised. 
*most important point
Stokke is the only company on the market that researches into baby and child spine development. how important it is, you can read here. but what i HAVE experienced first hand is the results that Stokke delivered. as a constant-on-the-go parent , my children spend a lot of the time in the stroller getting to and from destinations. in my "before stokke" times i was very concerned as to the position by little baby was in. in a typical stroller on the market the child would slouch or be in other less desirable position that, over time, has it's rather serious consequences, some of which we have experienced first hand.
Stokke strollers - as well as other products - are thought out to prevent any disturbance and ensure continuous proper development. after switching to Xplory, we noticed - although looking very similar to other strollers in design - how very differently it positioned our child. the proper support for the feet along with support for the spine and hips allowed the child to sit effortlessly and comfortably in a natural body position. i strongly believe that a long term comfort of the stroller defines a child like or dislike for one. my belief is based on my experience.

 * the ultimate connection system
last that i want to talk about  - but surely not least - is the fact that all 3 models are connected between each other. i did not realize until i looked at it in person, that  not only the upper seat is designed for Xplory AND Crusi use, but the bottom sibling seat is designed for Crusi AND Scoot use.
no matter the perfection of the stroller, one will need more then one stroller , be it ease of travel or simply desire to size up or down in a stroller as the family grows and/or child delevops. 
i love the fact and have great respect for Stokke designers for creating an interchangeable system. all my accessories from Xplory work beautifully with Crusi (or Scoot) and many have build-in places for them already, making the switch even easier. Ultimately, you can start with Xplory or Crusi, based on your personal preference, and Stokke takes care of ALL your growing family transportation needs from start to finish.

^^ stroller is c/o Stokke Crusi used with a sibling (Scoot) seat option, Xplory winter kit and footmuff, Stokke knitted blanket and a cup holder. coat is Hatch. ^^

 Stokke stroller family has created the ideal , in my opinion, situation, which allows you to transition from one stroller to another with minimal expense without sacrificing the most important - comfort and development of your child. 
I will repeat myself again, but well done, Stokke. and a big THANK YOU.



  1. Да, классная коляска!!!Не могу найти, сколько же она стоит!!!! хочу купить лтнюю с зонтиком, а цену не могу найти. Может ты знаешь, Оля?

    1. ya ne znayu, skol'ko ona na ukraine, no ya uznala v kompanii, chto magazini Chicco prodayut vse versii kolyasok kompanii Stokke. Eta versiya nazivaetsya "Crusi" s dopolnitel'nim sideniem.

    2. мммм,у нас в Чико нет вообще этой фирмы... а где можно цены США посмотреть, на сайте что-то я не нашла. Можно же наверное и так заказать ее, пусть и с доставкой...

    3. Lenochka, predstavitel' Stokke skazal, chto prodayut v Chicco. Firma - Stokke, model: Crusi. v US ewe ne vipustili, a v evrope est'. na ukraine TOCHNO est, potomu chto ewe drugie znakomie pokupali.

    4. ewe posmotri tut : http://www.stokke.com/en-ua/about-stokke/where-to-buy.aspx

      ili tut : http://www.stokke.com/en-ua/about-stokke/where-to-buy.aspx


    5. ya dumala , pokazhet raznie mesta pokupki, no tolko daet obwuyu snosku. posmotri po gorodu - tam dayutsya adressa magazinov i strani, kak Ukraina, tak i prilezhawie k nej. :)

    6. Спасибо, Оля! Поискала, посмотрела, у нас их еще практически нет, в принципе, как и отзывов))) Много отзывов о другой коляке, что у тебя раньше была - с варешками))) мне она нравится. Причем отзывы - то радикально за, то категорически против. Хотя мне коляска оч. нравится, вот амортизация... это да... я с Чико таким страдала, дороги не очень - все наше... даже не знаю, но очень хочу))) до какого возраста это кресло реально способно вмещать дитинку? и эта трость, на кот. само кресло висит- насколько она надежна?
      А где ты заказывала ее, если у вас еще нет? может та тоже можно заказать с доставкой в Украину?

    7. А ты эту в живую видела, пробовала -Stokke Scoot? как она? мне нужна прогулочная, но чтобы лицом ко мне - на лето и потом зимой, т.к. дочке будет только 1,5 года, думаю, коляска еще будет нужна. Старшую до 3-х катала, а сын после года не захотел. У меня есть Чико классная прогулочная,+ люлька и автокресло, но она от меня лицом, есть Geoby высокая, как Стоке, ко мне лицом, но она сейчас хороша, колеса как танк))), а летом громоздкая, особенно для девочки...

    8. da, otzivov budet malo, eto kolyaska ( k scoot) ochen' novie, tol'ko paru mesyacev nazad vishli v prodazhu v evrope, a v amerike tol'ko cherez mesyac budet. ya poluchila etu cherez samu kompaniyu, zakazannuyu is evropi.

      ya videla scoot v zhivuyu - u nas mnogo demonstracij ( do prodazhi ) etih dvuh modelej. nizhnee sidenie, v kotorom sidit moya 4h letnyaya dochka - ot Scoot, eta liniya kolyasok vzaimo-zamenima. u vseh treh modelej mozhno vse menyat' mezhdu soboj. Crusi delana imenno tak, chto verh - eto sidenie or Xplory ( pervoj modeli) a niz - Scoot. esli tebe potom nado men'she kolyaski ( ili 2yu kolyasku) , to vmesto celoj kolyaski mozhno kupit prosto ramu i vse - sidenie uzhe est'.

      adaptori, na kotorih kreslo visit, ochen' prochnie. obe kolyaski podderzhivayut vser rebjonka do 25 kg - moya v 4 goda ewe stol'ko ne vesit :) i v pochti 7 moya drugaya stol'ko ne vesit :) otzivi budut kategorichnie, potomu chto kolyaska ochen' novaya i otlichaetsya po dizajnu ot prediduwej modeli. iz moego opita s etoj kolyaskoj, ya mogu s uverennost'yu skazat', chto te, kto pishut negativnie otzivi etu kolyasku v glaza ne videli, a delayut prosto predpolozhenie po kartinke. mnogie negativno otzivayutsya, potomu chto nedovol'ni novim desaijnom, i sootvetstvenno, teper "vse ploho". v zhizni eta kolyaska OCHEN' otlichaetsya ot podobnih modelej komfortom, legkost'yu v upravlenii i NE-gromozdkost'yu, pomimo drugih kachestv. rebenku na nizhnem sidenii vse vidno prosto prekrasno , i tam na samom dele NAMNOGO bol'she mesta chem kazhetsya ( v otlichii ot podobnih modelej). ya lichno ochen' dovol'na. :) i u menya bylo mnogo kolyasok :)

    9. Спасибо, Оличка))) пересмотрела уже кучу всяких, все равно хочу эту))) а вот если выбирать между Круси и Эксплори - какая тебе больше нравится?

    10. mne nravyatsya obe kolyaski. moe lichnoe mnenie - chto tebe, navernoe, vse zhe luchshe Crusi. U Crusi ochen' horoshie amortizaciya, ogromnaya otkritaya setka dlya pokupok, i mozhno malisha kak k sebe , tak i ot sebya sazhat'. Mne kazhetsya, chto Crusi bolee universal'na - hochesh', gulyaj po gorodu. hochesh' - idi v les. Xplory tozhe mozhno, no Crusi legche, potomu chto kolesa imenno na eto i raschitani. :) nu i esli ewe nado kogo-to posadit' v kolyasku otdohnut' ili pospat' - mozhno dopolnitel'noe sidenie postavit'. Eto moe takoe mnenie :) Xplori , konechno, krasavica - ochen' neobychnij disajn. No Crusi ne ustupaet :)

    11. Видла я Эксплори в магазине Чико пару недель назад - красавица-не то слово, пробовала... влюбилась просто... Крузи как по мне великовата и она очень похожа на мою Геоби сейчас-станина, размер, особенно когда сейчас еще с люлькой, хочется чего-то мельче да и просто другого... Скут тоже неплохая, смущает только отсутствие "бампера" впереди... и можно ли на нее зимние причандалы с эксплори одеть... чего я не спросила там?... короче я еще в проуцессе принятия решения, пока холодно еще можно)))

    12. Оля, а можешь примерить зимний комплект на то сиденье, что внизу у тебя лежит. оно по размеру такое же как на скуте... подойдет или нет?... спасибо)))

    13. и что б я делала без твоего блога?))) у нас ближайшиу Чикко маг. 120 км от города. и когда я там еще буду-без понятия..... остается определиться с выбором только по инету и заказывать тоже наверное, буду так

  2. Да, кстати, кроме коляски))) Оля, ты такая леди!!! шляпка, перчатки, все так гармонично...и это на 5 мес! и с 5 ребенком! Я в восторге! Супер!!!


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