September 11, 2009

One more steal

Some time ago I was invited to boutique. I didn't really pay too much attention, until... the boots that I really wanted ( and needed), but just drooled over because the price was over $300 , Ruelala offered on sale for $49! I mean - this is the payless price! But MUCH better quality. True lady never shares ALL her secrets, and I sure have mine, but this one... I think , I'd be happy knowing that others can benefit from quality and price. :)

Here is how the boutique works : register, it's free, BUT by invitation only. Then, you'll receive emails with updates. PAY ATTENTION TO THOSE. The site consists of multiple boutiques that only open for a short window of a time : from 24 to 72 hours, no more then that. You can preview the boutiques to know ( kind of ) what's coming, and then when it does : run-don't-walk ( borrowing Ann's favorite and loving it! :) ) . Items WILL sell out. Although , there is EVERYTHING there : from candles to shoes, shirts, jeans, dresses - you name it. Just keep your eyes open. The really amazing part is... all is AT LEAST 60% off, most of the time MORE.

Happy fall shopping! Enjoy Ruelala!

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