September 11, 2009

Fashion's night out

Yesterday was one of the biggest fashion evens of the year in NYC. Throughout the world , designer boutiques and stores opened their door late for customers to "shop until you drop".
I was wondering , why - normally not too busy 5th avenue ( at least comparing to others) - was so overflowing with people when I went to the market. I just didn't realize how BIG of an event it was. Naturally, I we ( as in kiddos and I ) decided to check it out.

So, we beautified ourselves and , feeling all beautiful , nice and gorgeous ( and well behaved ) , went for a stroll on the 5th Avenue, stopping at different boutiques and checking out what the buzz was all about. Everyone, of course , adored the baby and the stroller. And I must say... it did feel really nice to hear people assume that the stroller that I have is the $6000 baby rolls-royce. After all - why not? True lady never reveals her secrets , right?

The funnest comment of all was in Bergdorf Goodman. I didn't quite realize WHAT kind of the store it was, but once in, why not look around anyway? Eeeeeveryone commented on the children, all sorts of photographers and reporters taking pictures of kids and I ( so, look for us in the news style section :) ), people asking if we were "from London" .
On the second floor I went into the Chanel shoes section ( might as well, right? Since I LOVE Chanel). I was adoring the simply beautiful design of absolutely gorgeous ballet flat, when I overheard , just behind me, a comment from a sale's rep : " Oh, now, this is FRENCH. I KNOW french when I see one. Now - pay attention, if you want to learn about french style : see the clothes, the details: expensive, but subtle. And look at the children! It's french. It's in their blood. I've been to Paris more then in US, it's my second home. I know one when I see one. "
I laughed inside, but at the same time very amused and very grateful. I gracefully made my way out of the shoe sections ( the WHOLE FLOOR actually), as to not disappoint that very convinced salesman. ( With my head up, of course. French , after all). Wiggled my way through about 10000 people packed into 1000 sq ft, and went outside thinking : WHY did he think I was french?! Nothing that I was wearing was french made. Jeans, blouse , belted cardigan and heels ( of course). Nothing "peak of fashion". As a matter of fact... ehem... except for the cardigan and shoes, items lived in my closet for a while. So, I looked around.

There ARE a lot of french in NYC, and especially on the fashion's night out. After spending a few hours out, I came to one simple realization : style is in french blood. I saw people wearing flip flops and t-s, as well as couture dresses and heels, yet, each and every feeling absolutely fabulously comfortable in their skins ( or clothes). And true : never screaming, always subtle ( just like the jewelry in the post below) . As well as... Each and every person had their OWN staple. You could tell, that for some , their signature was the make-up , for others - scarfs, hats for third, heels for forth... And one general note : no matter who was wearing what , all seemed to just simply be in love with whatever it was they were wearing.

So, one Fashionable Lesson learned from the Fashion's night out :
LOVE what you wear. And everyone is going to think you are FRENCH.

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