September 27, 2009

Please, please! Vote for me!

I've been nominated for the first time! Please, please, please, vote for me!

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  1. I feel the same as you with my music sometimes. I realize every time I write a song, put up a new piece on my website or myspace music player, or put out a new album that there will, without a doubt, be people who don't like my music. Fortunately though, most of the people who find my music do love it, but there are always a few negative responses here and there.

    The sad thing, is if you let it affect you, those few negative comments can wipe away all of the positive ones and you can let those comments fester in your mind for a long, long time.

    When you put yourself out there in a public way, whether it is by producing music or writing your thoughts, you do have to just put on a thick skin and be at peace with the FACT that you cannot please all of the people all of the time. This is something I had to realize with my music.

    If all people had the same opinions, the same beliefs, the same loves then everyone would love the same music, love the same writings and books. But that is why humanity is so diverse. And it's a good thing.

    So Olya, when you do get those negative comments...remember this. Your blog is your island. You will have cruise ships passing by who visit your island, but in the end you can kick them off. It is YOUR island. You control it. You can get rid of any negativity.

    Again, as a public figure I know this. And that is part of the price you pay to be public with your talents. you have to keep in mind that you benefit 95% of the people, but there will always be 5% who disapprove and you have to allow the 95% to boost you up and help you remember that you ARE doing good.


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