September 22, 2009

Jeans continued. Don'ts

SO. Now that we've talked about LOVE, let's talk about "no-no"s. There are some basics that one should be considering ALWAYS :
* don't buy cheap jeans ( bargain is a COMPLETELY different story). Cheap jeans are just that : no style, no fit and a complete waste of your money. They will not last you nearly the same as a good quality pair, and your self esteem will melt just as fast. Remember the F square ( fashion formula) : bad fit = bad mood. You don't have to spend $200 on amazingly fitting jeans. Gap, JCrew, Express have some great fitting styles, and some pretty amazing deals { More secrets of a true lady to come. Stay tuned!} Besides, it is such a MYTH that you will spend LESS buying jeans at a Wal-mart. A person going for walmart type jeans will actually spend MORE, because, most likely that person does not believe in fashion, and therefore , does not even LOOK for steals elsewhere. This way or another, it's a double loss. Just don't do it.
* don't go for the fashion, go for your CLASSY style. There is nothing more sad then a victim of a fashion movement. Remember, fashion , after all WAS created by someone who DIDN'T want to obey the complicated wave of the moment. Coco Chanel, THE fashion and STYLE icon, created her masterpieces in rebel to the current flow. Fashion is not always flattering.

* don't do ripped, acid - splashed, neon colored etc fashion. We are not talking a little distressing here and there. The extreme styles are a REALLY bad investment. A) the ripping, coloring, etc is usually bring attention to all the wrong places. B) while ALSO an attempt to rebel from traditional fashion, it has absolutely no creativity, and therefore , will never stay. An animal skin can look beautiful, but jeans attacked by an animal do not.

* be careful with the bootcut. Contrary to a typical belief, a bootcut can look extremely unflattering on many, if not most, body types. One needs to have rather proportionate body to rip the benefits of the bootcut. There are a few denim brands that do make rather well tailored bootcut jeans, but for the most part , it ... could be better. Flare balances out the hip, straight leg hides thigh imperfections, skinny/cigarette elongates the legs and ALL slim the frame ( done right , of course. We'll talk about that later). Bootcut... if you think you look good in a bootcut, try any other of the above mentioned styles. Guaranteed , you'll love your reflection WAAAAY more.

* oh, and the last one. Crotch by the knees is not flattering. Just don't.


  1. Очень люблю джинсы!!! особенно те, кот. прям по мне))) спасибо за советы.

    1. pozhalujsta! ya tozhe lyublyu jeans :) zhivu v nih :)


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