September 12, 2009


The seasons are changing and so is my wardrobe. It always makes me happy to pull out my beautiful Edelmans. This is where the smart shopping pays off. These shoes get more compliments with each year, and I am SOOOO happy that I went with my feelings, and purchased a bunch when the price was simply a dream. Aren't they just beautiful? I was trying to decide which color to post. Orange won the picture contest, but in life ALL are beautiful. If you are a happy owner of a pair, you KNOW how comfortable they are. A 3 1/2" heel is absolutely FANTASTIC. If not - I highly recommend. This is one of those pieces that always will be "in" , because they've got character :)

I love Sam Edelman because whether a heel lover or flat-soul, he's got something for everyone. All unique and beautiful. Of course.

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