February 15, 2012

From all my heart...

 My dear Friends, 

Today I want to thank you, each and every one , for your love, support and friendship.

It took a long time for me to come back to writing again (you probably noticed a significant gap in years of posting). I compressed my longing to share , to talk to you for quite some time. It took all I have to overcome the barrier that was created by some "undesirables" ( and in to way it is you, my friend) and to find the strength and bravery to put out my pictures, and especially , my children's.
I've compromised by blocking the "haters', although, of course, I understand that I cannot foresee, predict or block every computer they use.

Today I thank you for your readings, love and support. You have no idea how happy I am to see the notifications on my phone of another email or comment. I found that it gives me strength - really does - at those moments when I see that , once again, those "undesirables" figured out how to unblock their IP and are boldly nosing into my very private from them life with all the hate and negativity there is. It gives me strength to move forward , to share and to write. Your happy and encouraging words erase the darkness they attempt to create, unsuccessfully. As cliche as it may sound, but every page load that I see from all over the world is another ray of light on my path. I know that I have friends - all over - that come and share their LOVE on my pages.  I promise, I will do my best to live up to your expectations.

You make my day happier with every page load. Please , know, no matter where you are, when days are hard, I am always here for you. I only know too well how rocky life could be at times... Email me, comment, text or call - my shoulder is always here for you and my hands are always extended.

And Thank You, once again. Know that you make a difference today for at least one person - you are a world to me.

We do no more of this:

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  1. We love you! I'm so glad you're back to blogging. Your life is always full of love and happiness and that is quite refreshing. Thank YOU!


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