February 24, 2012

Show & Tell

The week was bursting! I had some work-thing to attend, so we decided to make a fun trip out of it, threw everyone in the car and in free time enjoyed art galleries, shows, and NICE WEATHER. I did NOT want to come back to snow and cold, but I hope that the spring is really in the air... Madewell's spring collection ( here) is setting me in the spring mood, now the weather just needs to cooperate.
Here is to this week's Show&Tell with help from instagram {find me there @livingnotes}:

exploring art, shows and venetian:
 one ON , one IN. that's how we roll nowdays:
 because everyone needs to have a fuzzy elevator picture. mainly for the strapped to the back cuteness.

i wouldn't make it on the trip ( or travel in general) without my Xplory - carseat cofiguration is a breeze to travel with, plus , i think it belongs to the art gallery of itself ( it actually has - MoMA had Stokke in exhibit in 2006 . Go here! )

 my handsome little man. when did he grow up? seems like born yesterday...

trader joe's... my heart is crying... i need one here!

 and that is why! ORGANIC, WILD, RAW for less then 5$?! crazy utah, all I have to say... EVERYONE needs some trader joe's in their life

can you tell he is excited? running asking to get this, and this, and this...
  i think she fits in just fine...

 meet 'n greet! were you there?

 DVF for gap kids - i can't wait!

 someone is happy as can be finally sitting all by herself in the tripp trapp. best ever.

StyleMint. enough said.

U2's "moments of surrender" have been ringing with the vibes of my heart this week. love.love.love.

one in, one on... the other ones somewhere around ( just kidding, i know EXACTLY where they are - in front of me. i am that paranoid mother that needs to see/hold hands w/ them at all times)

How was your week? What are your weekend plans?

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  1. Beautiful photos, amazing family and it looks like you had an incredible time.


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