February 21, 2012


I had some work-related necessities to go to this weekend ( exciting things happening - I'll share later) . And as much as I love seasons, some sun, change of scenery, art, museums and warm weather were definitely welcomed. And since kids were getting bored with the same places we took them over and over for weekenducation, we threw everyone in, and off we went! I could NOT believe that I forgot my Nikon , not that's really to show that my mind was occupied with work rather then fun. At least Diana is always with me... Between her and iphone , here are some bits and pieces from the trip:

Trader-joeing. Store I miss most! 

And that is what you get for misbehaving :

You got to love his face: 

My kind of superman:

Brangelina who? Nikoladya.

I prefer the blond one:

Best music icon ever. I am his biggest fan:

 We've managed to see quite a bit considering the small amount of free time on my part. I must say, Madam Tussaud's is my fav from this trip, although it really is tie with some great art works.

We came back to cold temps and snow, and I am ready to move TODAY.

How was your weekend? What did you do?


  1. How fun! What a sweet fun family outing. Love the Bradgelina shot!

  2. Olya, I love your blog! Justin is SO cute with his poses and everything. I love your family!

  3. Looks like such a fun adventure! Um, may I just say that your family is absolutely stunning!

  4. thanks so much, ladies! you made my day!

  5. Оля, какой замечательный блог! Читаю с большим удовольствием. У вас просто замечательная семья. Восхищаюсь твоей силой воли и желанием сделать все вокруг себя прекрасным. Елена Б

  6. so much fun the Madam Tussaud's photos, I wish I could visit it someday with my daughter. Beautiful blog
    rocio from http://blogmodainfantil.es/


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