February 09, 2012

Show & Tell

I am so excited it is Friday. Since Monday I lived a day ahead, and with the week being as full as it was , Monday feels being a month ago.

Here are the bits & pieces from the week in our SHOW & TELL: 

We went to the Leonardo that we wanted to go to forever. I loved it ( we all did , actually ) . I loved the art, and sculptures were fascinating. 

There are plenty activities for the little ones too - from green screens to animation, red room , etc. Very hands-on. Just what you need, right? 

Live sized bird view map was awesome! We spent half and hour trying to find the house I grew up in . Success!

Weather was nice and cooperative for most of the time. Yeva took on to listening and sharing my loves - I am rolling at her face though! Rockin' with the cords, you know...

 We were honored to model for Luluwraps - I absolutely LOVE this picture. My little squirrel - top model. Who knew? I ADORE the wrap! If you have kids - run-dont'-walk! Best money investment you'll ever do!

My blog got entered into a contest - first time ever.  Please, stop by to "like" us there - doesn't that blue suited model deserve a click? I say yes, what do you think?

 We painted one of the walls. I am now deciding whether to keep it, change it or revert to the original ( really don't want to do this one). Makes pretty good background color ( love that part)... Should I just keep it?

How was your week? I'd love to see links to your bits&pieces! And thank you , Bleubird for encouragement!

Wishing you a swingin' weekend!


  1. Love the blue you painted your wall! Looks like a fabulous day, seems like everyone is really enjoying themselves!

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    1. The wall did turn out pretty good , ha? I was doubtful, but the color is vibrant :)


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