April 16, 2012

Christ is Risen!

The Easter midnight service was so beautiful yesterday. 

Lent is over now and the transition is life changing. I wish I had lots of pictures to share, but , for once, I did not want to worry about camera, but just simply enjoy the prayers ( as much as a wiggly worm in my arms would let me - she woke up and stayed up through all 4 1/2 hours , like it was the middle of the day! She loved it though and was happy, which was most important. )  

It is such an amazing feeling when - in transition from the Saturday into Sunday - the lights are off, and the only light that comes is the glow from the candles that come from inside of the alter . Like the light from the tomb when Christ was risen. Then, one by one, other candles light up from person to person until every candle - in hand and in church is lit up and shining with amazing bright colors. Maybe, next year, I'll try to record it through camera as well...

But as I was searching for an appropriate image, my heart skipped a beat. Gulnara Studio took pictures of the Easter Orthodox Service  while we were in NYC. This is our second home , all the people we love dearly, Fathers that we saw regularly. Brought some warm and nostalgic feelings. If you are in Manhattan, stop by 97th between Madison and 5th ave by St Nicholas cathedral - the beauty is breathtaking.  I hope you enjoy the pictures, and go here for more.


How was your weekend?


  1. Wow. These photos are so beautiful. I love it when you share this part of your life. Such a personal and beautifully written post.

  2. just found your blog, but what a beautiful, beautiful post!


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