April 06, 2012

Show & Tell : just life. and polka-dots.

   This week was busier then others. But this little face makes ANY day worth living just for this smile. And we've been seeing a LOT of them. I die over that crinkled nose. I must be really funny,  because she also starts laughing every time she looks at me.

The Lent is almost over. We are entering into the last lenten week with lots of services.  I'm somewhat sad. While I'm looking forward to 15th and Easter ( and kids are looking forward to the feast and cheese. I know because I heard what's on the menu about 100 times. Or they think is on the menu. I'm the one making food ;) ) , I am somewhat mourning this special time, special Lenten services, feeling while there... Somehow , this Lent just flew by. It already makes me be looking forward to the next year. I caught this picture during one of the services. Our church is not a grand cathedral or anything even remotely close to that. But it does not have to be for God's grace to be there - just look at that light . It is not edited in any way.

The learning center has been a big hit again - I think we came back to it only about 15 times this week. Not kidding.

And cucumbers are a new hit around these planes of the world wide web. I know that's my genes coming through: 


My "patnah" in crime - I die over her style. She approves and pics clothes herself. I think I'm stealing the idea again:

Super-kissable cheeks:

Remember this picture? It won an art competition. I'm so proud of my little artist!

I had to post this. Note the jacket. But if you ask her  - " iss peffikt!" 

my birthday man. 30-somethings suit him very well. i believe the quote about best age : "women are always 29, and men are always 35" is completely true.

And posts below is a reminder to myself that the good weather WILL come back. It's SNOWING here right now. Like WINTER WONDERLAND snowing. I know it won't last, but , can I just tell you how READY I am for SPRING?! Here is the proof in yellow polka-dots:

 jeans : current/elliott( yellow sold out, but green here). tank:jcrew. linen blazer: jcrew ( similar) . bag: rebecca minkoff via gilt. shoes: jeffrey campbell (sold out.similar). jewelry: pandora, jcrew, dogeared. belt: similar. sunnies: gap.

How was YOUR week? Comment with the link to your favorite weekly post ( or a couple). It would be fun to get to know you all! 

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  1. Your children are adorable! Love your outfit. The yellow polka dot pants and that top are a great combo.


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