April 05, 2012

Daily life and living : lions

With the weather getting somewhat chilly over the weekend ( well, it snowed...) , we took into a late and relaxing morning. Since those don't happen very often, I took full advantage of it and made sure to enjoy to the fullest. 

The entertainment was priceless: lions' battle. 

starting serious:
very serious. with sound effects and real action : 

and then one of the lions got a phone call :
 i almost died laughing.
continuing right where it got left off:
and then another phone call for the same lion : 

the second lion takes the revenge serious : what do you mean you got a phone call?! 

some serious roaring, let tell you :

And then they got tired : 

and decided to make peace:

And what were we doing during all this time?  Having LOTS of FUN ! See? :

What do you do when it's rainy and cold outside?


  1. Hilarious! I was laughing, too, when she picked up that phone. SO funny!


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