April 11, 2012

Let's go shopping: colors and patterns

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The sun is shining, the air is warming up, the blossoms are blooming and I think, this is no more perfect time to get out your brights and patterns! With the hottest trend being on pattern mixing, you really cannot go wrong trying new things. The key is - keep your chin up high! Do what you feel like doing - you just may be the newest trend setter.

I am absolutely loving the mix of patterns so many designers shown. I think Miu Miu was my favorite. 

Who do you love this spring most?


  1. I love the pants and the flats, so so beautiful, lovely color.

  2. Can we please go shopping together? Then we'll take a dance class then we'll go to the theater. I just want to sit and chat with you for hours. Seriously. Please.


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