April 23, 2012

Weekend wonders

The weekend is always too short. I think if I were a queen or a president, Mondays would always be a day off. Forever. 
Anyway. Between Nikon, Instagram and Diana , here is what we've got. 

My little fashion models. DVF would be so proud.
Deep in thought.

I want her style. That boyfriend jean...

Got my nails done in golden polkadots, only to see that we had polka dots and stripes going on that day: 

and here is what was happening while I was getting the nails done: 

the leg is making a statement everywhere. We've been seeing a lot of this too: 

and here are the eyes that go with that leg. popping from behind the lunch box she wanted all to herself: 

"mommy. i very love it" . melted my heart.

and so do these crazy blue eyes. unedited. that's how diana and 110 mm film saw it. 

our not so successful macarons adventure. sniff.

and i am already missing this toothless smile.

i also found a secret storage compartment with a whole lot of things that i thought we lost during the day:

love the blossoms time ( a sneak peak into tomorrows les femme moda!) 

we had to make the dandelion crowns ( as they call them). brought me back to childhood...

one sock-ed fashion style. i found 3 more stashed under her bum in the carseat. she's a queen of sock-taking-off.

music bug. that's all. i caught one of the kids put those valentine hearts on her while we were cleaning. and couldn't resist...


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  1. I am definitely taking style notes from your children. So fashionable!

    1. I wish they made such cute stuff for adults! Those h&m 'baby' jeans have made their appearance from baby to a girl and we are still ripping the benefits. And DVF needs to make something like that for Target too - I'd LOVE it!


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