June 28, 2012

Do you know what you missed?

If you are local, and haven't come to the Mingle event... make sure you do next time! This is just a little teaser prior to tomorrows post ABOUT the event itself, but make sure to look closer at the pictures above... 

Like I said, you want to make sure to be here next time.

On the other note, I found out , I was not the only one with the "event related" injury - someone broke or dislocated a toe preparing for it. 

Anyone with remedies for a black eye? It's about 10 times worse today then yesterday's picture ( and THAT is trying to cover it up)  : 

It was all worth it though.

Come tomorrow, I'll tell you ALL ABOUT IT. 


  1. Oh la la...What happened?

    1. I walked into a glass door. The fashion magazine that is about to launch was one of the sponsors, but unfirtunatelly the print place made a mistake in the name. I was trying to hurry to get re-prints done and didn't see a wide open glass door. Lucky it's not my nose.

  2. Oh girl, good to read that you are ok and you didn't cut yourself.
    Love that necklace.


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