June 19, 2012

LES FEMME MODA: styling loves

blazer: jcrew  ( old, similar idea here or here) . tee: stylemint. jeans: jcrew, old (with amazing fit and great price my other favorite that I nearly live in). bag: steve madden ( seen here) . 
shoes: t/t tory burch ( amazingly comfortable and on sale here and even better price( but less sizes) here. If you are in between sizes you can go either up or down : equally works. I am a 7 1/2, and have both 7 and 8, both work just fine). 
pearls: jcrew, banana republic ( get the look + here) . bracelets: anthropologie plus here, jcrew, watch: t/t DKNY( get the look). sunnies: gap ( old).  

I have two styling loves lately. 

Love # 1. 
I love blazers simply because it is so easy to look and feel put together. Plus, blazers can really take you anywhere - from work to date to girls night out. I am yet to see a person that would not look good in one. I'm very glad that all sorts of makers picked up that love too and blazers are all over the place : from lacy teen-inspired forever21 to upscale runway linens. 

Love # 2.
Gray tee. White is amazing, yes. But gray has a modern/runway twist to it. Very neutral - a canvas for anything. StyleMint came up with a great version that I love. The lace on the back is such a feminine touch. A perfect addition for a mens-inspired blazer and trendy neons.



  1. Triple yes on the gray! In fact, I just wore a light gray sweater with a black and white striped blazer. Great minds think alike! You are so gorgeous. Your hair... such a model's hair!

    1. Yes they do! :) Thanks on the hair, Tif... I'm "good-jealous" of yours... As a matter of fact, I wore a hat just the other day - couldn't make the hair lay normally : it decided to nicely stick to my forehead, and i really did not have time for styling. And ALL day I was thinking: I wish I had a hair that didn't need a hairbrush! :)

  2. You look great, as always


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