June 28, 2012

Do you know what you missed?

If you are local, and haven't come to the Mingle event... make sure you do next time! This is just a little teaser prior to tomorrows post ABOUT the event itself, but make sure to look closer at the pictures above... 

Like I said, you want to make sure to be here next time.

On the other note, I found out , I was not the only one with the "event related" injury - someone broke or dislocated a toe preparing for it. 

Anyone with remedies for a black eye? It's about 10 times worse today then yesterday's picture ( and THAT is trying to cover it up)  : 

It was all worth it though.

Come tomorrow, I'll tell you ALL ABOUT IT. 

June 27, 2012

A sneak-peek!


I'm giving you a little peek into what's cooking on the online magazine site.
It will be ready for your eyes VERY soon, but not quite there YET, and I'd really rather have you get the whole experience, then piece-by-piece. After all , there is no second first impression, right?

Yesterday's event went GREAT with the exception of my black eye. Yep, you read it right. Running - as I mentioned  yesterday - like a crazy chicken translated literally into one: I ran into a fedex glass door, and now am sporting a nice black eye. So, here is one more item to cross off my "i wonder..." list {not that I actually WANTED to have one, just wondered...}

I'm glad I am make-up inclined , thanks to my dancing career.


June 26, 2012

Les Femme Moda: get the look - nautical theme

get the look - nautical

belt similar also here.

A little while back I told you that I had some exciting news to share. 

I've collaborated with one of the amazing companies, and am a co-founder of an amazing online fashion, style, beauty and related news magazine. 

I have not sleeps in WEEKS ( months more like it) , working on everything for the design of the site, meeting with web designers, meeting with FASHION designers  * i know! how awesome is that!* , traveling, signing contracts, sifting through the copious amount of blogger responses who want to be featured, etc, etc.

Today is the big day, as I am to represent the magazine at the mingle event.

This event came as a last minute,  and I'm running , making last minute final checks , proofs, etc. To be honest, we were not planning to be ready THIS soon ( and we are not) , but the first , VERY first pages are going up RIGHT NOW as I type, and , while the final design will be finished later this week, I hope it still gives you a good idea of how amazing this magazine will be as it grows.

All I can say, we have AMAZING plans for it. 

That's the name?.. I'll tell you later! Make sure you follow Living Notes on twitter!

June 22, 2012

Something that I caught on camera...

I bet she's thinking : " and YOU are my Daddy?!. Awesome..."  


But he knows the way to her heart... 

and how to make friends


I caught this little Daddy-Daughter moment, and couldn't stop laughing. She's really lucky to have him, and I hope he never stops being crazy-funny-sweet-loving the way he is. 
I'm really one lucky girl. 



June 21, 2012

Mingle @ Soel

I am thrilled to announce that I'll be joining in for this fabulous event. Mingle is a social meet/greet/make connections not just for bloggers ( although blogger inspired), but for ALL businesses/ business owners, big or small, and simply normal people that would love to meet/greet/mingle and see face-to-face those behind great products/blogs.

 The theme is ranging in variety from food ( can I just say, I met some a-mazing foodies with some best recipe ideas. pinterest doesn't come close ) to super-fun DYIs and ALL areas of fashion. The first event was a tremendous success, with mega crowd and attention from all sorts of media ( KSL included). 

This is not just local event - as a matter of fact, there are several business owners and bloggers traveling all the way from East Coast just for Mingle

I think I can safely predict tremendous success for the second one as well. Last time there were over 50 fantastic giveaways, and seeing the increase in sponsorship, this one will exceed all expectations. 

All I can say : book your plane ticket