October 26, 2009

Baby talk

So, we are not talking the usual... We've mastered "mama", "dada", "no-no", "baba", "tata", "babi", etc long time ago. This was the time of the first conscious COMPLEX word, which in baby's language is anything that is not a "-a -a", or "-o-o".

AAAAND THE word is ...:


That's right. The pink little animal with a snout. That's the one.

Now, there is a little explanation of why. I DO use a phrase "don't be like pigs" a lot. Especially, when comes to table manners. We have a cultural saying, where the pig is the center of teaching the table etiquette, hence is the focus. And a week or so ago, I noticed that Yeva added a little "PAH!" to her vocabulary every time she saw a crumb on the floor or , sometimes, just for fun.
It took me a little to register, but she's clearly declaring her dislike for dirty floors during the dinner by confidently pronouncing "PAH!". I think this is the most well mannered baby out of all I've had so far. The other two just enjoy being "pah"s.


  1. I think that my first word was "sock". Tell Yeva I'm glad she's not a pig. :)

  2. "and then when I was six I said my first words. My mom thinks it was trousers but I think it was tweezers." HAHA! Love that movie! And so awesome about Yeva adding Pig to her vocabulary. Definitely one of the better words in the English language :D


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