October 17, 2009

Read THIS!

Double posting , BUT IT IS IMPORTANT!!!
WEEELLL, Friends and more Friends!!! I know what you all loved voting for me on the blog site and all, but this is where it all gets REAAAALLY awesome :
WE GOT APPROVED FOR GAP CASTING CALL!!!! I mean ALL of the kids did!!!

If you think that all that you do it just enter a picture... ehem... , no, not really. It was a head ache and a half to GET the RIGHT kind of picture ( 1 hour in cold weather waiting, several trials and more...), and after spending 2 hours registering and loading , all we got "thank you. your entry will be reviewed for approval. IF you are approved you'll be notified". We almost lost hope, and WE GOT NOTIFIED that ALL the entries we put in were accepted!!!!!

SOOOOOOOO!!!! That's where YOU come in. I mean YOU and in YOU!!!!

If your voice ever needed most, it is NOW. I mean - who cares about elections, right?! Nobody is happy with political situation anyway. But at least you can be happy with the little faces that you see every time TV commercial pops up or when you go to the mall! Besides! Wouldn't it just be super cool to be a direct friend of those little famous faces?! We'll do autographs to all that vote! Promise!

PS IMPORTANT : votes count EVERY day, ONCE per day from ONE given email addess. Meaning you can vote 10 times if you have access to 10 emails. And it is all cool with rules, we've checked in registration in person. THAT is how all those kids get 21000+ votes. Please, vote for us as often as you possibly can. We REALLY appreciate it. Really.

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