October 19, 2009

The weather outside...

It's getting cold. I've never been a hat person. Well, scratch that. I've never been a hat person while living in UT: dry air = warmer winter, and I forgot what a REAL winter feels like. However, my memory was quickly refreshed by the sudden outburst of a coolness in NY, which, I was told "is nothing". That "nothing" made me really want to put SOMETHING warm on my head. But then , there is that dreaded hat hair... That is when, walking home from the park I found THESE:

Super cute, super WARM, hand made, unique and DO NOT give you that flat hair look. As a matter of fact , you can do a gorgeous updo, and STILL be warm. AND there is about megazillion options for color combinations, size, coverage - you name it, they've got it. Now. How cool is THAT?!


  1. hehe my mom has one of these... albeit a less attractive one of these that she got in the 90's. It makes me giggle that they're coming back. :D

  2. these are actually a new design. But it's a known fact that all knew is a well forgotten old... These things are pretty cool ; there were no pictures to show many ways you can wear them, but you can do over the hair, and it is super cute. And warm.


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