March 08, 2012

Bring in the spring.

To all my European readers - Happy March 8th!

March 8th  - the international women's day , celebrated in European countries - is always filled with warm, sweet memories , as every morning my father would treat all the girls ( which basically means , all of us. There are no boys in our family!) with breakfast, flowers, presents, and a complete spoil-me day : whatever you want, whenever you want, etc. Believe it or not, but I loved this holiday better then birthday. Not only it is an official day off from school/work, but also... wherever you are, all women, no matter the age, were treated as someone special ALL.DAY. by ALL.MEN. That means a bouquet of flowers from random stranger, a chocolate from a neighbor boy, evening parties , put AND run by men, theater performances, and just simply giving up the seat in the subway... I LOVE March 8th. And even though I am not in the country this holiday is acknowledged or celebrated, I am doing my best to pass it on to my children , so that they can continue on with the tradition. And I my husband loves it too :)

coral, mint with a touch of navy

 What is your favorite Spring Trend? 

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