March 01, 2012

Show & Tell

Here is to this week's SHOW & TELL!

a reader emailed me telling that we have been nominated at apartment therapy for the best family blog!
i could not believe it! thank you so much, whoever nominated us! if you like , please, vote for living notes from nyc, today is the last day. your voices mean a world to me!

little helper for our "thank you " giveaway:

this arrived yesterday, and i am ecstatic! tune in - i'll feature asap!

pleasant surprise - another main page feature on

i was very happy to run into this at my fav b&n. yay for raising healthy kids!

it decided to become winter again . in march. go figure.

we made sure to sample all the snow:

better then ice-cream , it seems :

this face... i bet she'll love it at her wedding reception !

or this one! i got a stash.

this melts my heart. i hope they are this close 20 years from now.

Great Lent has started. Services were beautiful. I wish the weather cooperated for us to attend them all.

having fun last friday at an enclosed beach resort. they were glued to the wave pool. i bet those dudes in hot tub loved it.

see what I mean?

no comment  - too cute

and here is a new trick. we go from this:

in one...


three! hat-less faster then i can blink

healthnut mania

multiplied by 3

another anthro-lover . she's got some taste , let me tell you!

well, we are off to another day loaded with everything possible. stay tuned over the weekend - i have something special!

and don't forget to enter a giveaway

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  1. This is an awesome post, the photos are really beautiful.


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