March 03, 2012


 Here are the hommies finals from . I was honored to be a part of the nomination and to be running up at the top throughout! Living Notes were running in top 5 for all the nomination duration until the last day , when , not sure what happened, but our votes dropped :(  by about 40... I'm heartbroken...

If you are a long time reader, you know my struggle with haters invading this space, and after a long break and relaunching this blog I was hoping that they moved on with life. I am fearing - from previous experience - that there might have been their hand in this ... But no more tears! Thank you all that love and support Living Notes - you have no idea how much your support means to me! I. LOVE. YOU! And I believe that together we can concur all, right?!

Please, vote for finalists! I, my hubby, sister and mom gave our voices to the four mammas that I love: BleubirdRockstar, Cup of Jo and See Jane . I can't tell you who's better - all unique and all wonderful! Please , give them your love too!


  1. That happened to our blog too! I wasn't expecting to make it into the finals, but kept excitedly checking how many votes we had throughout the contest. I was so HONORED and happy that readers were voting for us (and I was rooting for you the whole time too!). Then I checked at the end of the contest, and we were way down on the list with LESS voted than we had earlier. It seems unfair, or rigged, or something, and really bummed me out. I emailed Apartment Therapy just to see what happened but haven't heard back yet. So weird, but oh well. Let's give our love to the finalists now.

    1. yes, that makes me wonder... I went from 130+ votes on the second day down to 96... and then the last day it was over 150, and right before the cut off , it dropped to 96 again... it's like my "roof" was reached. PLease, let me know if you hear back from them - I emailed too, no response.


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