March 13, 2012

Insta-life in pieces

Typically I would post the LFM series today, but I am still a bit shaken up from the explosion we had in the car yesterday - whether it was radiator or whatever, but let me tell you, there is nothing like yanking your littlest out of the car that is suddenly smoking. No warning, absolutely perfectly functioning car, driving from one city to another to an appointment when there was a loud popping sound and smoke. I hate those car seat straps now - somehow kids get them undone, but at the moment of the emergency they seem to be welded together. I decided I'm going to carry a pocket knife now always. Anyway,  probably, the scariest time I've lived through. Blessed be those three stranger men that came out of nowhere ( and disappeared just the same as soon as all were safely out , before I could properly thank them)  and helped as I was throwing kids and all things out of the car. Here is a happy dirty face sitting in a loaner car,  that , thankfully, was not even phased at all:

So, instead of a usual schedule , we de-stressed in a bookstore learning center :

I love these two, very obviously as different as they could be :

And some walking/biking/park fun helped a bit too. I think I am permanently transferring to using these over exploding cars... :

And here is a little sneak peak from my soon-to-publish post - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MyCarrier from Stokke! I am amazed! They really should call it " back-spa carrier". I'll tell you all about it!

And we were even lucky to catch the first intentional and conscious hug while in MyCarrier on the camera! Seriously, how crazy lucky were we?! Never happened before!

We finished off with some world class chefs making dinner :

And played with new flash I finally opened up ( from my birthday... blah... life is busy) I loved it!

I am planning on posting again today, so , please, tune in! Until then - may God watch over all of you and your littlest and loved ones. We are blessed.

UPDATE : it did end up being nothing big - a fuse came loose ( looks like a manufacturer defect ) and coolant leaked everywhere , creating the fumes that looked like smoke. Well, I'm glad that it was nothing huge, and I'd love for it to stay that way. I think I had enough for my share of emergencies.

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