March 22, 2012

Today I am wishing and ...

 ... really loving :

THESE converse . They have them in baby sizes. I absolutely LOVE this red:
How about a little jumper? Navy goes so well with my blond little mermaid: 

And THIS T I need in every size. Seriously. 

Paired with jeans - nothing like a little man in color, right? 

And THESE are a must have - my mischief makers?! Play time all day every day is on schedule. 

And as far as mama goes : 

Roses have been on my mind lately, actually : 

This top is on my lust wish :
and so are THESE jeans ( and I wish my size was not sold out ...) 

Super cute, right? 

My heart resonates completely with  this very French look :

And Blue Melange Xplory would go very well with it : 

And this quote could not be more true: 

 Now, according to the quote above, I just need a bottom-less wallet. 
But I am not greedy. I'd easily settle for a pot of these : 


What's on your spring wish? Tell me or comment with the link to your blog post - I'd love to see!


  1. Ah! My husband has worn converse since he was fourteen so we always joke that our children will only wear them. Love those!

    1. ha! Mine is too! And now my son ... and daughters... I am a bensimon lover though. Like they say, the black sheep...

  2. My babies/toddlers have all worn converse. We have a red pair, pink pair, turquoise pair, navy pair, and I think that's it. But, those tongs are to die for! Adorable!

    1. I really want the red pair. I caved into a pink baby one, like she needs it - but it was so cute, I figured, christmas is christmas, right?


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