March 20, 2012

Les Femme Moda plus behind the scenes

I am fascinated , to say the least , at the beauty of the old cameras and possibilities modern technology offer. I use 3 different types of film - and though I follow the typical rules, the photos develop differently from what it was previously 60% of the time.

As this week's work has taken us away from home again, I thought that "the window" shoot would be the trademark of some of  the travel sessions LFM. My little photographers done some amazing work , in my opinion. Judge for yourself :

i really like this shot - it's the essence of real life. there is a light in the window, new day, and a little person , as they always are, behind me , coloring.

sweater: marc jacobs . tshirt : marc jacobs. jeans: acne - all via gilt groupe

i absolutely love trader joe's . it's a shame we don't have one ( although , with the craziness ut is going through, no surprises here... more on that one tomorrow) . so , whenever we are out of state, we always take advantage. i let my over-anxious photographer have the camera, and he made sure to document every step.  i laughter looking through these, because it could not be more true, although at the moment, 90% of the time i had no idea he was clicking away.

i am not a fan of bananas. and i wouldn't be able to capture it better : 

but i do love organic produce! 

apparently, we travel in packs :

and are very serious about finding the right type of sauce : 

stealing a kiss...

and continuing as we were: 

i want trader joe's just so that i could get more pictures like these: ( check out those faces! do you think trader's make them happy?)

 scarf : jcrew 

and THIS is what was happening while we weren't looking. little mischief maker! and i had no idea! until photos developed... ( she was not happy with her brother after that )

i die. 

that's the trouble maker - would never know! 

 and this is trader's cutest fan! and can i say baby GLOW?! this photo is unedited - radiating love? I think so!

ps: i love that I never have to push the cart when we are all together - i really cannot see anything behind that baby carseat. go man power!

bag: anthropologie . shoes: jeffrey campbell similar here.

How was your weekend? What did you do?


  1. I love Trader Joe's! I go there almost every week to stock up. And seriously, I love that you pull off the stripes and polka dots so awesomely. Your photographers are amazing!

    1. Ah! I am green with envy... :) I miss Trader Joe's the most from ny shopping. I DO.NOT. understand why utah cannot do what manhattan did , and separate the actual store from the wine store( even if side by side. By NY state law you cannot buy alcohol in the regular store, must be specialized) and , seriously , UT needs some awesome food for even better prices!

  2. Absolutely love your photos. Ii is nice to know that some photographers still use cameras with film. I thought I was the only one that has a camera like that. By the way, I am not a professional photographer. My old camera is in the shop right now to be repair. I am waiting anxious for almost a month now for an estimate. I love Trade Joe's too. Love your blog!

    1. Thanks so much! I love old fashion film even if for the reason that you never know what you are going to get, and how it is going to develop. Sure , there are risks that you may lose the exposure all together, but I think the benefits outweigh the negative. So sad that old school film is becoming harder and harder to come by ( AND spency!)

  3. I love, love Trader Joes. It's such a fun store. I like to have my linch there quite often. Your family photos are amazing. It's great to see you all having fun.


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