March 23, 2012

Do you StyleMint?!

You, guys, sorry if I my post below made you feel sad in any way. That's the last thing I wanted to happen.

So to change over to a good vibes channel, let me introduce you to something I discovered recently and ABSOLUTELY LOVE:


I'm sporting the very awesome Jackson T that I've practically been living in since I got it. 

StyleMint ( and two sister companies ShoeMint and JewelMint ) been all over recently - from magazines ( Elle, InStyle, WWD) to all-mighty social networking sites of all sorts. I'm not big into the "celeb created" labels for several reasons . For one , I think that while a person CAN be mega-talented, all these " such-and-such" parfumes, "such-and-such" shoes, etc become nothing but another way to make money off the name.  Not worth my pennies.

That was until StyleMint.

It is definitely worth checking out - the quality is superb, styles are cute, prices - unbeatable and ideas are awesome.  Ever dreamed of being styled like celebrities do? Well, you've got it! StyleMint showroom is based on YOUR personal preferences in taste to select the looks you'd enjoy most ( but you can see all of them too , should you want a change *i chameleon all the time*).

I haven't tried the ShoeMint or JewelMint yet, but based on my experience with StyleMint Ts , I'm thinking they are just as awesome.


PS: Do you know something I don't in the fun/fashion/or anything interesting world? Drop me a comment ! I don't want to miss out. 

PPS : Please, note, I am not paid to advertise. I just really love my Ts and feel this is a very noteworthy company. Mark my words, give them a minute and they are going to blow up huge. So I'd say , get some now before everyone else catches on , right? As I mentioned - prices are awesome. And , also, note that once you register with StyleMint ( free, no obligations/catches, I've checked) , you don't have to re-do for sister companies.


  1. I know right?! Such a great new company! Just discovered them recently and I'm in love..

    found the route

    1. Yes! I only wish they had MORE and more in stock!

  2. I love your tee - stripes suits you

    1. thank you :) I think stripes rule - they suit everyone :)


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