March 16, 2012

Show & Tell : all things kid-friendly

These last couple of weeks seemed to be just packed with all sorts of things , events and explosions.
Here is to a story in pictures.

The weather was SO NICE to us ( though I heard a rumor it is supposed to be snowing again?!) , so , we've spent a lot of time outside - it always is a nice thing . 

And this little face agrees :

And when the weather is nice, animals are a whole lot more fun to look at too . We literally spent about an hour at the elephant area : 

Monkeys got some love too: 

stroller : Stokke Xplory . baby carrier : MyCarrier via Stokke

We are building some serious girl power around here . Just look at these three:

 Sharing secrets : 

This inside beach resort center is turning out to be a very entertaining place. I , personally, had a blast! We both did - its our new chilling place.

this hand holding thing... love, love, love, love, love it. 

and these pics I'm going to keep close - I'm sure  it would be a nice appearance during , say, wedding reception? Or first boyfriend? 

My happy doll : 

And she was thrilled to see this long hair - she's obsessed with Rapunzel at the moment:

Oh, you know - just girl talk... very important conversation. Best place ever too - half hanging off the slide: 

 Making flower fairies - I'll tell ya, those wires, threads and petals take you a long way! We've spent a whole night making them as N requested ( and who could resist ? )  - I think we've just found best dolls ever. She eats/sleeps/brushes teeth with them. Who knew? 

And guess what happened the moment N fell asleep?

I can't believe that the Lent is almost 1/2 way through. I am very impressed with this little man - he is very conscious and serious about it. best chef too - really. I don't know if there is anything he's not good at.

And this little face's cuteness factor is overboard. no matter how tired i am - I can't help but smile. Wouldn't you too , though? I mean - look at this.

And this one just melted my heart - sitting with her little hands on her heart positioned/shaped legs...

or this one  :

Our weekend is already packed with about 100 items more in the list then we will ever have physically time for, but that's the fun part, right? And  my philosophy is that this way should one thing fall through, you've got the other 99 to substitute for it!  And I am sure that this "daddy" will tag along too. He did all week...

How was your week? Any weekend plans?


  1. Lovely pictures! It seems that you guys had tons of fun! Have a nice weekend too!!

  2. You family is the most beautiful family I've ever seen. Goodness! All your children could be models!

    What a lovely trip through your fun days. I love seeing them!

    1. :) I'm so happy to have your for a friend - you're my biggest fan :) I love the kiddies - I am bias here...

  3. Your pictures are amazing! What program do you use for editing? They look so vintagy. It's so great that you and your family are enjoying the weather. Your girls are darling. I love your blot and look forward to following your journey. :)
    Visit me when you get a chance

    1. Thanks, Lucy :) I use vintage and vintage-like cameras ( diana is my favorite) and old school film :) some vintage detailing come through during developing - i'm lucky to know and learn from an amazing photographer - and others are just the frames through snapseed, after I scan the images in :)

      I'll go check your blog out! Thanks for linking it!


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